Contrast & OpArt

kaleidograph contrast Kaleidograph Contrast  introduces black & white geometric printed patterns onto the same die-cut cards as the Crystal set, producing billions of intricate patterns. Combine with another award-winning Kaleidograph set (Crystal, Flora, OpArt) for even more design possibilities. Made in the USA, for ages 5 to adult.


Kaleidograph OpArtKaleidograph OpArt combines elaborate black & white geometric patterns with the same die-cut cards as the Kaleidograph Flora. This design toy with billions of intricate patterns in the style of mid-20th century modern art. Combine with our other Kaleidograph sets (Crystal, Flora, Contrast) for more designs ... or test your visual skills by matching designs from  the enclosed poster.. Made in the USA, for ages 5+.


Keep a Kaleidograph on your desk or coffee table, or display creations in our acrylic frame (sold separately).