What people are saying about Kaleidograph


"What do you do with restless kindergarteners on a school bus? I speak the truth when I tell you that Kaleidograph made that day unbelievably joyful. These simple die-cut cards of different colors and shapes make kids go crazy trying to show their creations. I just sat there laughing as children practically fell over each other attempting to get my attention." ~ Jenn Choi, Forbes.com

"Something for the budding cubo-futurist on your gift list: these colorful die-cut cards, which you layer and arrange to create different patterns. The stacked groups of cards can be displayed as art or used for abstract inspiration. Even better: Bust out the markers and use individual cards as stencils for large-scale drawing projects." ~ WIRED magazine

"The die-cut cards of this Kaleidograph can be used as stencils or layered to make pint-size works of art..." ~ Martha Stewart Living

"A perfect choice for travel or quiet time play." ~ Openheim Toy Portfolio

"The Kaleidograph toy is an inspiration for designers of all ages ... The result is a creative process asking the user to make decisions about color, shape, and depth." ~ Design Faves

"It’s such a cool toy! There are no rules, no winners, no strategy. You just combine cards to get different patterns. Doesn’t sound very fancy, I know. But it is shockingly satisfying to play around with. It’s the sort of toy I like to keep in the living room, on display, ready to be picked up by any guest or family member, because it’s appealing to people of all ages." ~ Design Mom

"Stack, Flip and Rotate. The Kaleidograph is a toy that should be played with daily. It’s like visual math for designers of all ages. In arranging its many cards, you learn about composition, movement, depth of field, color theory, pattern, geometry and probability..." ~ Design Envy

"Any time you can combine a little art, a lot of color, and endless pattern creations into an inexpensive toy for kids and adults you better believe I’ll be featuring it. Kaleidograph is a simple system of die-cut cards that can be layered, relayered, flipped, and rotated into billions of different kaleidoscopic patterns. I’m finding great color combos and new shapes with every switch I make. It’s a great visual puzzle – and truly open-ended for kids." ~ Small for Big blog

"... and with Froebel in mind the talented team at Kaleidograph has designed a fabulous children’s toy that will open up a whole new world of shapes and colours and may even spark a very first interest in design! I absolutely LOVE this concept and I think any child would love to have a go with one of the Kaleidograph kits." ~ Hip Little One blog