Kaleidograph® is a toy,
a game and a puzzle

Foster Creativity and Bring Out Your Inner Designer

Kaleidograph is an infinitely creative design tool for artists, quilters and others who enjoy making colorful patterns.
The 12 deceptively simple cards make over 500 billion different combinations.

Collect All 5 Sets


Kaleidograph Contrast features black/white printed designs on the same die-cut cards as our Kaleidograph Crystal set. Makes more than 500 billion patterns. Combine Contrast with one of our existing sets (Crystal, Flora, OpArt) to create a nearly infinite number of unique patterns, or try to match designs on the enclosed poster.


Explore crystalline geometries in brilliant color with Crystal. Based upon the interconnected hexagonal geometry found in nature, the 9 die-cut cards (and 3 solid color backer cards) can be arranged into billions of designs.


Explore the geometry of flowers with this colorful Kaleidograph® paper kaleidoscope. Both a toy and a design tool, the 9 die-cut cards (and 3 solid color backer cards) can be arranged into billions of designs. Like the floral forms found in nature, the Kaleidograph Flora is based on interconnected circular radial forms.


Explore mid-century modern art with the OpArt set. The designs are printed on the same die-cut cards as our Flora set, so you can combine OpArt with Flora or other sets to create an infinite number of unique patterns … or try to match designs on the enclosed poster.


Great Holiday Set!

Snowflake produces over a trillion unique crystalline snowflake designs. The 10 die-cut cards (plus two color backer cards) allow you to explore the symmetrical geometry of snowflakes. Display your creations as seasonal decoration or make patterns from the enclosed poster of designs to challenge yourself and others.

How to Play

Explore symmetry and color combinations. See how small adjustments produce dramatic changes. The deceptively simple Kaleidograph can be arranged into billions of designs by combining and rotating two or more die-cut cards. Each set also includes a full-color, two-sided poster with over 150 example designs to challenge and inspire.

Award-Winning Toys of Creativity for All Ages

Made in the USA from eco-friendly material, the Kaleidograph carries on a tradition of geometric pattern design toys dating back to the Age of Enlightenment. Recipient of an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, the Kaleidograph was also one of Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Creative Products and Forbes.com Top 10 Toys That Kindle Creativity.

Made in the USA

Kaleidograph upholds the tradition of creative design toys from the original Froebel Kindergarten system that are known to have influenced
Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, and design education at the Bauhaus.

A great travel toy, party bag item, or birthday gift, the Kaleidograph fosters creativity, rewards with surprise, and brings out the designer in everyone.

Made in the USA from sturdy, non-toxic paperboard, these sets are sized similar to a thick CD case (4.75in x 4.75in x .375in).

The sleeve provides storage and frame for display, and the enclosed poster provides hundreds of designs to inspire or challenge you to match. For ages 5+.

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